• Why You Should Have Multiple Pairs of Glasses

    October 14, 2019 | Blog
  • The Benefits of Mulitple Pairs of Eyeglasses

    The eyeglasses that you wear are among the most important accessories that you own. Not only do they improve your vision, but they also allow you to express yourself through color, pattern, and style of frame. When you shop for new glasses in South County, MO, it’s important to remember how much you’ve come to depend on your specs.

    How Your Eyeglasses Affect Your Daily Routine and Wardrobe Choices

    Doing without your prescription lenses for any length of time can negatively impact your vision. In most instances, two eyeglass frames are always better than one. Here’s why you should have multiple pairs:
    multiple eyeglasses gives you multiple style options in south county mo

    1. You depend on them to do your job. If the work you do is significantly impacted by the absence of your eyeglasses, it’s time to consider a second pair. Your frames are the most important tool that you own and something that accelerates your progress on the tasks you’ve been assigned to do.
    2. You’ve broken, lost or had pairs stolen before. There is no better candidate than you for multiple eyeglass frames because they’re no longer considered a luxury but a bonafide necessity. Protect your investment by labeling the inside of your eyeglasses case with your name and phone number so someone can return your specs if they find them for you.
    3. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit you own. Most frames are very distinctive and instantly recognizable. eyeglasses make your everyday life easier in south county moSince you like variety, you’ll love having more than one option to choose from with the eyeglasses that you wear.

    If you’ve ever wondered why you would need more than one pair of eyeglasses in South County, MO, now you know. Having back-ups ensures that you won’t do without your prescription lenses because you accidentally lost them, had them stolen or broke them. You’re not stuck waiting for your new glasses to arrive so your daily routine isn’t negatively affected by the experience.

    A Second Pair of Eyeglasses Provides You with Great Relief

    Headaches caused by squinting to see and having someone else drive you to where you need to go are two issues you won’t need to deal with because of the spare eyeglass frames you opted to buy at the time of your last eye appointment. Take advantage of the different offers your eye doctor provides by buying multiple eyeglasses at once. Having a few pairs of new eyeglasses helps you stay one step ahead of yourself by being prepared with a back-up pair wherever you go.