• Be Aware of These Warning Signs for Problems with Your Child’s Vision

    December 23, 2019 | Blog
  • signs your child is experiencing vision problems in oakville missouriSigns of Vision Problems in Oakville, Missouri

    Are you aware that almost 80% of what children learn in school is taught visually? Most of the time, parents hardly notice what their kids go through. Most of the time, it is their teacher who will first notice this problem. If your child has vision problems, there is a higher chance it will affect their development. If you detect the issue at a tender age, you will have the opportunity to address it before it gets out of hand. Here are some of the warning signs you should watch out for;

    Babies up to 12 months of age

    Once a baby hits three months, they should be able to track a moving object with their eyes. If they cannot make steady eye contact, then it is time you visited an eye doctor for diagnosis and urgent intervention.

    School-going age

    Anytime you notice your child’s eyes are misaligned; you should visit a doctor right away. Nevertheless, eye problems such as ‘lazy eyes’ might catch you unawares, and your child may not complain about it from the beginning. That means you need to consider going for regular eye examinations. Here, they will be given special tests to determine their vision even if they are unable to read.

    Children of all ages

    Watch out for these warning signs regardless of their age;

    1. Persistently sitting too close to the television or holding a book closely
    2. Squinting, blinking of closing one eye repeatedly
    3. Straining or making their eyes smaller for better vision
    4. Rubbing their eyes when doing specific activities
    5. Getting demotivated when doing visual tasks
    6. Getting distracted when reading
    7. Sensitivity to light
    8. Getting frequent headaches
    9. White or greyish color in the pupil

    vision problems oakville missouriOnce you have noticed these warning signs, you can consult an Oakville, MO doctor, with background training in pediatric optometry, for medical assistance. They will detect the cause and recommend glasses or contacts, irrespective of their age.

    Babies who are born with congenital cataracts may be booked for surgery during the first few weeks of life. Should it get worse, they may be required to wear contact lenses after the surgery.

    Raising a healthy kid is part of your responsibility as a parent/guardian. If your child starts exhibiting some of these symptoms, then it will be advisable to consult an eye doctor from Oakville, MO. Besides determining the cause, they will also recommend the most suitable form of intervention. Failure to do so may result in permanent blindness.