• Everything You Need to Know About Eyeglasses Care

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    Being visually impaired is something most people fear, but should it happen, it’s not the end of the world. After accepting your situation, then it is advisable to visit an eye doctor who will recommend special eyeglasses to correct your eyesight problems. You may fail to know how to clean and care for your eyeglasses. Here are some great glasses care tips to help with your eyeglasses;


    You will need to clean them using clean water. Always rinse your glasses off before wiping and using other cleaning agents. Remember, minute dust particles can be abrasive to your treasured eyeglasses.

    Spray Using the Right Cleansers

    Your doctor will recommend specific sprays and cleansers designed for eyeglasses. Avoid using harsh cleaners since they contain ammonia. This may interfere with the coating of the lens.


    Once in a while, it is advisable to allow your glasses to air dry, instead of wiping with a piece of cloth. The latter may be holding foreign materials that could interfere with the lens. Always avoid rubbing on the lenses when cleaning or drying your eyeglasses.

    eyeglass cleaning cloth oakville moClean Using a Special Cloth

    Most lenses bought at South County, MO optical shops come with a special cloth that can be used for cleaning. They are made from a special material that does not scrape off the lens coating. Avoid using a towel, handkerchief, or the hem of your dress regardless of how soft they are on your skin. They could have dirt on them that could easily get transferred to your lenses.

    Store Your Glasses In a Case

    If your prescription does not require you to wear your glasses often, storing your glasses in an appropriate storage case is advisable. Not only will it keep dirt and dust away, but it also helps protects eyeglasses from being scratched, bent, or broken. Look for cases that are sleeker and place them in areas not prone to dust.

    Hold Them Into Position

    As you clean or wear your set of eyeglasses, always hold the frame of your glasses by gripping the area that crosses the bridge of your nose. Holding any other part may make them lose shape. If they are out of shape, wearing your glasses may become uncomfortable.

    Regularly Clean Your Eyeglasses

    Cleaning glasses at least once a day is an excellent way to ensure they stay in good shape. Dirt accumulation can cause staining, which can negatively impact your sight necessitating a replacement which is costly.