• The Differences Between Eye Exams and Contact Lens Fittings

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    Are you thinking of acquiring contact lenses? Do you understand how eye exams and contact lens fittings vary? That’s why it’s important to note the difference in options and know the right fit for you.

    If you want to buy your spectacles for contact lenses, you must notify your optician when you book your next eye exam appointment. That is crucial as they will need to schedule a contact fitting exam on top of the routine eye exam. Contact lens fitting exam is not similar to a regular eye exam.

    Contact Lens Fittings

    During contact lens exams, your eye specialist will require to conduct special procedures and tests. They do these additional procedures to assess and review your vision with contact lenses. The first test your eye doctor will perform involves measuring your eye surface to establish the size and type of contact lenses that will suit you best. The other test they will do is known as the tear test, and it is used to determine if you have sufficient tears to hold contact lenses comfortably.

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    The outcome from the tests enables your eye specialist to prescribe the best size and type of contact lenses for your eyes. It is crucial to understand that a regular eyeglass prescription is not similar to a contact lens prescription. During a contact lens fitting exam, the doctor tests for lenses that lie directly on your eye surface. Eyeglass prescriptions involve lenses that are placed about 12 millimeters from the surface of your eyes. Getting the wrong order for contact lens fitting can be devastating to your vision and eye health.

    The other step after establishing the best contact lens prescriptions determining if you need extended wear lenses or disposable contact lenses. To ensure that you have the best contacts prescription, your eye specialist will give you an experimentation pair of contact lenses to wear for one week. After the experiment week, you will require to revisit your optician to ensure that you have adjusted to your new contacts and follow-up exams.

    Eye Care Exam

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    Regular eye exams involve examining your eyes for symptoms of potential eye conditions, inspecting the sharpness of your vision, establishing the strength of your prescription, determining how your eyes are performing, and checking the fluid pressure in the eyes. Additionally, your optician might dilate your eyes to determine if you have an eye condition or signs of another severe health issue like diabetes.

    Schedule your next contact lens fitting or routine eye exam today at Affordable Eyecare South County, MO, for a sharp sight.