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    Experiencing Issues with your eyesight? Do you need to schedule your annual eye (ocular) exam? Call our experienced eye doctors to fix your vision concerns. With Affordable Eyecare, we provide a full array of services including eyeglasses, contact lenses, and more to those in Oakville Missouri, South County Missouri, and Southwestern Illinois.

    Also, our locally owned practice focuses on the importance of finding a doctor that the entire family can go to. We can assist patients of all ages, including students.

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  • Our Optometric Services

  • In the South County MO and St. Louis Metro East IL area, people call us for all their eye care needs including:

    Comprehensive Eye Exams
    Pediatric Eye Exams
    Contact Lens Exams
    Visual Field Testing
    Color Vision Testing
    Specialty Bifocal
    Glaucoma Screenings
    Eye Infections
    Dry Eye

  • Our Comprehensive Eye Exams include:

    • Testing of Refractive Error or Visual Acuity
    • Intraocular Pressure Measurement
    • Examination of Peripheral Visual Field
    • Retina Evaluation with Or Without Dilation
    • Visual Systems Analyzed
    • Examination of The Exterior Part of Your Eyes


    Call for a comprehensive eye care exam, and we’ll provide treatment for a variety of ocular disease and conditions.

  • Our Optometric Vision Care Services:

    • Vision Exams
    • Prescription Eyeglasses
    • Contact Lenses
    • Eye-Glass Repair
    • LASIK Evaluations
  • Why Choose Affordable Eyecare?

    As a provider of quality vision care, we are proud to support local patients in St. Louis, MO surrounding areas. 

    • Licensed in MO & IL
    • In-House Optical Lab
    • Some Single Vision Prescriptions Available In About 1 Hour
  • We Accept Most Vision Insurance Plans!

    Please contact our office staff for more information on your specific insurance plan eligibility and coverage.