• Quality & Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses in Oakville, Missouri Starting At $39.95

    Affordable Eyecare’s amazing glasses are perfect for those wanting frames at discounted prices that are also up to date with the latest styles. Stop in and browse our large selection of quality frames where affordability meets the look you want.

    After your eye exam, you will be able to choose from our large selection of frames for your personal prescription.  We offer high-quality discounted eyeglasses for Oakville, Mo. and St. Clair and Monroe County Illinois residents. In a hurry? Your wait time is short due to our in-house lab; some of our eyeglasses can be completed and ready within an hour. Get high-quality single vision eyewear or even upgrade to progressive or bifocal lenses with the savings you will receive. With Affordable Eyecare’s large selection of men’s, women’s, or kid’s eyeglasses, you will find the best eyewear all at discounted prices. 

  • Assistance with Choosing the Correct Pair of Glasses

    So how do you choose the right pair of frames for yourself?  It can be confusing to choose from with so many sizes, styles, shapes and colors.  Finding the best looking frame that fits your face correctly can be an overwhelming experience.  At Affordable Eyecare, we make it easy.  Our friendly staff has more than 20 years experience within the optical industry and has assisted thousands of customers choose the best frames for each and every person that walks through their doors. 

  • 3 Important Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Eyeglass Frame

    1 - Width of the eyeglass frames. 

    Look for a frame that generally fits well.  We usually can make some minor adjustments for that perfect fit.  Avoid frames that push in on your head, they tend to be too small and can cause headaches after wearing them all day.  Also, if you choose a frame that is too wide, your vision can be blurred because your eyes won’t be centered within the lenses.

    2 - Your eyes should rest close to the center of the lens.

    You should avoid frames if your eyes align at the top of the frame. Hint, if your cheeks touch the bottom of the frame when you smile, it is a good indication that the frames are too large.  Improper alignment and distance of a frame from your eyes usually cause distorted vision. 

    3 - Select frames accordingly to your prescription rating.

    With a progressive or bifocal prescription, select a proper size so that the near power will all fit in.  If you select a small frame, some of your reading prescription lenses will be cut off.  Or if you select a frame to large, you could have issues focusing down on the bottom of the lens for reading.  Also, if you have a high prescription, avoid the coke bottle look by selecting normal size frames instead of the smaller lens frames. 

  • Vera Wang Eyeglasses

    For exceptional style and elegance, nothing tops eyeglass frames from Vera Wang. Designed with a keen understanding of traditional beauty and functional durability, this collection of glasses offers contemporary elegance, stunning sophistication, and intelligent style. Using the latest technology and keeping up with current styles and trends, these frames are constructed with the highest quality, sure to suit any wardrobe or personality. Vera Wang glasses are designed with her one-of-a-kind approach and unique voice for everyday comfort and remarkable fashion. These frames offer superior craftsmanship, a broad palette of colors, and an acute attention to detail. Visit our location to look over our stunning selection today!

    Original Penguin Eyeglasses

    If you prefer classic, clean, sleek designs with smooth lines and slim or chunky frame styles, look no further than Original Penguin brand eyeglasses. This collection offers muted, businesslike colors for a vintage, elegant look. However, it also contains dual toned frames as well as frames with solid white segments for style that will set you apart from the crowd. As for your choice in lenses, Original Penguin offers a variety of modern shapes such as aviator, modified oval, modified round, navigator, rectangle, oval, round, and square with half and full rim options. If you prefer a more dynamic look though, this product line also includes stand out design features such as spotted patterns, double nose bridges, and other elements such as inset diamond shaped indents. Whether your look is professional or eccentric, Original Penguin has frames for you!

  • Eyeglass Lens Options and Upgrades

  • Additional options:

    Scratch Resistant Coating - $20
    Anti-Reflective Coating - $50
    Superior Plus Anti-Reflective Coating - $80
    Tinted Lenses - $10
    UV Filter - $10
    Transition Lenses - $80

  • Polycarbonite Lenses (30% Thinner)

    Single Vision. - $30
    Lined Bifocals - $40
    Progressive Bifocals - $50

  • Hi-Index Lenses (50% Thinner)

    Ask For Details, available for:
    Single Vision
    Lined Bifocals
    Progressive Bifocals
    Transition Lenses

  • Contact Lenses Available

    We have the best contact lenses options in South County, Mo. and Southwestern Illinois area. Our contact lenses are priced competitively and we offer convenient online ordering. Affordable Eyecare offers a large variety of lens including monthly, weekly or daily disposable contacts. Feel free to contact us for further assistance with ordering your lenses or scheduling a contact lens exam.

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